College Grants for African Americans

African Americans have been continually recognized in their contribution to the society in the field of arts, literature, sports, etc. But African American minority is still considered the most disadvantaged in the field of education up to the past decades. Good thing there are grants for African American from the federal, state and private sources. There are now more college grants for African Americans to aid most financially challenged African Americans.

The United Negro College Fund or the UNCF is a well-known organization in the US. It is the oldest organization that concentrates all its efforts to the betterment of the educational situation of African Americans. Since 1944, the UNCF not only provided scholarship and grants for African American students directly, but it also supports a lot of colleges and universities for black Americans, making college degree economically attainable for almost all African American students. Before, black Americans would have settled in enrolling in vocational degrees or two-year associate degrees. Now, there is an increasing black American enrollees in four-year degree and even graduate school programs.

The United States Department of Education also allocates federal funds to assist disadvantaged students and minorities in the country since the middle of 20th century. Moreover, numerous state grants are also available to residents to ensure good number of well-educated people in its population. Undergraduate students from low-income family can avail the Federal Pell Grant.

To apply, a student needs to accomplish FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Students may be awarded as much as $4000 every year. The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant is also available for students who have already been awarded with Pell Grant Funds. The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant can award an additional $200 up to another $4000. On the other hand, Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant is one good example of a valuable state grant to disadvantaged students.