African American Grants and Scholarships

To attain higher education can be financially challenging nowadays. For most students, grants and scholarships are a necessity for pursuing college education. Most African Americans may say that they don’t receive equal opportunities when it comes to education, but the truth is, there is an endless list of sources of college funding available in the country offering grants especially for African Americans.

There are a number of African American grants and scholarships provided through The United Negro College Fund. These are mostly given to students studying at any Historically Black Colleges and Universities or HBCUs.  One example is the Frederick Douglass Scholars Program at Howard University; it is awarded to incoming students with excellent academic record who are pursuing doctoral studies and intending to teach in college. Recipients may receive an annual allowance of $15 000 for five years. On top of that, a $1000 annual research allowance would be provided plus full tuition emission.
The Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology (DFBSST) was established by a team of black technical professionals. Through African American grants, they are aiming to eliminate the financial obstacles which hold back African American students in pursuing technical and scientific fields. DFBSST gives financial aid to undergraduate students studying relevant fields at any Historically Black Colleges and Universities. They award $2000 a year for four years.

The Federal Pell Grant should be taken into consideration by most students looking for grants. It’s the largest source of federal grant programs. They award as much as $4 731 every year. It’s based on students’ financial status and need. Recipients of Federal Pell Grant are not required to maintain an average grade, but they should be studying in an eligible school. Furthermore, Federal Pell Grant should be given priority by students looking for financial aid to study because there are other supplementary sources that require applicants to be Federal Pell Grant eligible.